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Important Notes

Civil Services exam 2019 results announced by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)

The Commission(UPSC) today announced the results of Civil Services exam 2019 .

CBP Srivastava - founder fo Discovery IAS - has maintained a relationship of personal care and mentoring with civil services aspirants - irrespective of their medium (english or हिन्दी) - since 2003.

Thousands of successful aspirants have been mentored by him - at all stages of their preparation - be it prelims, mains or personality test.

Its not just about mentoring, but about realizing the dreams.

Once again, numerous aspirants have realized their dreams in today's Civil Services 2019 results and we wish everyone the very best!

NUPUR GOEL attracts our hearty congratulations for achieving AIR 11 in UPSC CSE 2019 and making us proud of our efforts.

Wish her and all successful aspirants a great successful bureaucratic journey ahead!


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