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  • Essay Self Practice Test - *12 Test*
  • Essay Answer Writing Assignments on the Topic taught in the Class
  • Focus on Developing Knowledge Matrix for writing any types of Essay.
  • Special Focus on Learning the art of writing Philosophical Essays.
  • Online Portal Acees for Essay Archives Videos.
  • Booklet on Essay - *Previous Years Topic Based Study Material*
  • Personal Mentorship one on one Doubts Discussion Sessions


Essay – An Introduction

Essay has been one of the most crucial components of Civil Services Examination (CSE) and definitely it plays a decisive role in selection and also in placing an aspirant at a higher rank. Generally, one considers it very easy and hence feels that it does not require much attention compared to G.S. and optional subjects.

Essay is the reflection of one’s own central thought. At the same time, it also reflects a coherence between the ideas and their presentation. In this backdrop, an essay needs to incorporate various dimensions of the topic and the conclusion shall be derived after converging them to one specific central thought.

Questions that create problems

  • How to start writing an essay, shall it be with a quotation?
  • Shall it be divided into different categories?
  • Shall a story be the base of an essay?
  • What type of language shall be used?
  • How to include different dimensions and get it converged?
  • Which books shall be referred?
  • How to identify important topics?
  • Shall graphs and diagrams be used in the essay?
  • How to include facts and figures?
  • What should be the weightage of facts and analysis in an essay?

Why a course?

  • For Self evaluation
  • For developing the ability of critical thinking
  • To help aspirants understand the importance of essay in the context of civil services.
  • To assist in development of new ideas and the way to exemplify and elaborate them.
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