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General Studies (Pre-Cum-Mains)


6:00 PM


General Studies (Mains Batch)

(Online Classes)

Admission Open

  • Complete Mains Course covering all the concepts and current affairs.
  • Classes will start from basics and will go to the advance level, so any prior knowledge of General Studies is not required.
  • Approx. 700+ hours. Class duration 1.5 to 2 hours
  • Team: Team of best teachers led by CBP Srivastava
  • Faculity will first record the class and then it will be uploaded on the APP which you can access through your user ID
  • Classes will run 6 days a week (facility to watch each class 3 times)
  • There will be weekly live doubt session where students can interact with Faculity and can ask their doubts.
  • Students can ask their queries over mail/chat/phone even after completion of the course.
  • Mains tests will be provided to you after every section and its live discussion will be conducted and model answers will be provided.
  • Other facilities Notes available in PDF format and also to be posted in Printed form.
  • Fee 82600 including GST 18%. (Inaugural Benefit 20% Discount)
  • For more Course Details See PDF tab.
Online Course for UPSC, IAS and State PCS exam

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