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Ethics (Paper-IV)

To be announced...

To be announced...


Ethics (GS Paper-IV)
(Live Online Course)

  • Admissions Open
  • Faculty: CBP Srivastava. Few sub-topics (4-5 classes) to be taught by another faculty.
  • Class Methodology: Special emphasis on conceptual clarity and answer writing skills. Regular practice and discussion of previous years' & probable questions.
  • Clarification of doubts: Students may send doubts/queries on prescribed number through messages. Teacher will solve doubts through daily classes.
  • Study material: Printed notes will be delivered to your doorstep. Adequate class discussions & dictations to take place.
  • Answer writing practice: 5+ class tests for practising answer writing. Answer copies will be evaluated by our team of experts.
  • Mode: Live Online classes on Discovery (Android only). Class recordings to remain available after the live class.
  • Schedule: 4 classes in a week. Total classes close to 50.
  • Course Validity: 2 years from the beginning of the course. Facility to watch each class any number of times.
  • Fee 21240 including GST 18%. (Inaugural Benefit 20% Discount)
  • For more Course Details See PDF tab.
Online Course for UPSC, IAS and State PCS exam

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