Assess yourself 18.12.2017

Answer the following questions in 200 words:

  1. Diversification of agriculture has become inevitable for doubling farm income to make farming sustainable. Justify.
  2. India’s Act East Policy will not succeed unless the northeastern states are secured and developed. Examine.

Answers may be hand-written and posted in the comments section or typed as a comment for review.

One thought on “Assess yourself 18.12.2017

  1. P Kapoor says:

    India is trying it’s level best to engage in a Meaningful dialogue with the East and why not ASEAN is one of the strongest economic blocks on the planet today . And approach towards It can be made Sitting from Delhi and making Deals In The hinterland .Northeast which shares border with The east Has to be the through way to the talks .The North east is endowed with Rich resources Waiting to be harnessed .The act East policy Will only Bear fruit if the corridor of trade is developed through our sister states . Insurgency ,the problem of illegal migrants plague the northeast . One has to have a Open ear to the problems of the east before the frontiers can be opened . only a strong state ensures Confidence in the trade routes to be opened and hence it won’t be an understatement to say Act East will not survive with The Demons of Underdevelopment survives in the east

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