Assess yourself 16.12.2017

Answer the following questions in 200 words:

  1. The failure of the latest ministerial conference at WTO does not prompt the states to give up rather it should be considered that this is the nature of the multilateral system. Critically examine.
  2. India attaches highest importance to its ties with its immediate neighbours to support democracy, development and stability in the region. Comment on the statement with reference to India-first policy.

Answers may be hand-written and posted in the comments section or typed as a comment for review.

One thought on “Assess yourself 16.12.2017

  1. Kirti Pandey says:

    The 11 th world trade organisation ministerial conference (mc11) was held in Buenos Aires.The major issue was on the subsidy given to the farmers in the developing countries which make the goods produced more competitive and cheaper in comparision to those imported frim developed countries.These subsidies are given in accordance with the amber box subsidy.The develodping countries have their own say that same digit on the limit of subsidy yet create a wide difference because of difference in total production between the developing and developed countries.
    such issues generally donot lead to a common conclusion because each country represents their own domestic circumstances which can be completely alter from the other one. A multilateral system is more over a platform to exchange ideas and views to understand the condition in the other part of the world. It can also be used as bringing the countries on the main stream of globalisation which lost their existence during colonisation. The states should not give up as such issues gives opportunities in filed of research and development so that problems of all dimesions can be solved. Later on a standrad system can be placed where all countries are able to adopt one type of policy.

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